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Poker Plays You Can Use: LAGs

I think I am most often a loose, aggressive player, so I'm always interested in listening to strategies on how to beat them, it can only help my game. This guy's voice is a bit robotic, I think he's reading... Continue Reading →

Interesting Poker Hands: No.4

Game: PokerStars Pros Big Game Players: Vanessa Rousso, Tony G. Why is it interesting?: Preflop: Tony G opens for 3x from the small blind, and his opening and calling range is wide, so it's hard to understand why Rousso just flats. She's... Continue Reading →

How To Play Sets And Trips

My favourite, James "Splitsuit" Sweeney, with 35mins on playing flopped sets/trips. Don't be put off by the things you don't know. This is a massively valuable learning skill; do not let what you don't know dent your learning ego- NOBODY... Continue Reading →

Interesting Poker Hands: No. 3

"Whatever your own cards are, you should always be more interested in what your opponent's cards are."

Interesting Poker Hands: No.2

Game: Party Poker Premier League Season 7 Players: Jason Koon, Phil Laak, Daniel Coleman, Daniel "Jungleman" Cates Why is it interesting?: Preflop: I'm not a massive fan of an early position opening raise with 1010 in tournament play; maybe that's just me being... Continue Reading →

Interesting Poker Hands: No.1

Game: WSOP ME 2013 Players: JC Tran, Matt Reed, Carlos Mortensen Why Is It Interesting?: Preflop: The commentator says "the min-raise brought JC in with the weak, suited Ace". I don't think this is true, I think Mortensen's call of the... Continue Reading →

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