I’m Kat Arnsby, I like games and I like gambling. I love to play skill games and exploit marginal edges, but I’m definitely not adverse to having a “minge-to-the-wind” mad-cap punt!
I’ve worked in the UK casino industry for ten years in various roles and played poker for fifteen years in various formats.
I now spend my time grinding on-line satellites to live events and writing stuff about things in a vibrantly articulate manner. I like to write about my gambling experiences, and I’m putting that here for you to read.

I consider myself to be a serious beginner/intermediate level poker player. As I’ve developed my own game, I’ve found some of the strategy supposedly aimed at my level to be a bit hard to navigate, I’m not a mathematician!
My goal for this website is to provide a source of collated and original strategy and opinions aimed specifically at beginner/intermediate micro-stakes tournament players and presented in a way that an average Joanna like me can interpret.

I am also a trained Clinical Hypnotist and am developing an hypnotic programme to help improve the psychological aspect of the game for players at all levels. Watch this space for free Poker Hypnosis content!

If you’d like me to contribute to your site, assist with a live poker event, or discuss how hypnosis can improve your game, hit me up via – kat@thepokerbaffer.com
Equally, if you’d like to email me to tell me that I’m a contentious boor, please feel free.

Looking forward to making a connection with you over our love of the greatest game in the world!

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