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power of the mind

Unexploitable Life: Balancing Emotional Ranges

I will not allow self-inflated egos to contribute unchallenged to the intellectual diabetes of our age by hocking the potent drug of saccharin philosophy.

I Need Some Space, I Want To See Other Activities

I hate poker at the moment, she’s abusing me, crushing my self-esteem, breaking my heart and then laughing at me. I’m on a painfully sick downswing and I’m playing like a wanker. These two states of being have become so... Continue Reading →

Poker Break: Tis The Season To Sit Out

"Something was wrong, and I felt a vein of hate for my favourite game in the world. I didn’t like that, and I knew I had to get a handle on it.

So I just stopped playing."

Interesting Poker Hands: No. 3

"Whatever your own cards are, you should always be more interested in what your opponent's cards are."

Found A Leak? Read A Book.

"When I read/study poker in the newly available time originally allotted to poker anyway, I find that the next day, I sit down to a new session with a bit more hope. I feel like I have something else to expect from this game, because I feel like I have something new to bring."

Play With Friends? I Won’t Have Any Friends.

"Obviously, the argument was about much more than a shit call with J10. A hand of poker was acting as the spark to a friendship fuse that was,no doubt, due to go off anyway, and the lads sorted it out, as friends do.
One still owed the other £200."

Winning Poker = Not Losing Poker

"If you want to be emotionally at the mercy of absolute maniacs, play NL format tournaments. If you want to be mentally exhausted from never being able to miss one tiny eek of value, play FL tournaments. There is no in between.

Or is there?"

Speech-Play. Whaddya Say?

"The human body is a marvellous machine; it is also a terrible snitch, leaking the secrets of your soul all over the poker table."

Where There’s A Will There’s A One Outer

"I prefer science to hocus-pocus, as a general rule, and there is no scientific grounding for the idea that people can cause specific events by the power of will."

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