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Big Overlays Make Me Sick

Fifteen years after the poker boom, there are not, for various reasons, 2000 players who want to play a €5k buyin, $10milly gtd live event, even in a dream destination; the foot votes are in.

Pieces Of Micro-Pie

I stumbled across a conversation on Twitter this week about a player selling action in a large comp. From what I could understand, it was a $5k buyin live tournament, and the player in question was a serious and winning... Continue Reading →

Facts v Feels: Cognitive Distortions And Poker

I’ve been playing UKIPT satellites on PokerStars in the last couple of weeks. This is a two stage qualifying process for me because I can in no way afford to buy in for the round two stages at either £82($100)... Continue Reading →

Satellites: Mountains From Molehills?

I’ve been playing a good few satellites in the last couple of weeks due to the fact that it’s the time of year for the TCOOP on PokerStars and I’m a micro-tard with a midget bankroll that can’t even think... Continue Reading →

My Fantasy Micro-Festival: Living The Cheap Dream

If you don’t understand a market, you cannot sell to them, and if the poker industry cannot sell to micro/new/recreational players, then the long term future of UK poker is as bleak as a funeral on a Scottish beach.

GOLIATH: The Genius Giant

A few years ago, one of the top boys at Grosvenor Casinos had a vision. The Angel Of Gambling, dressed in an Armani suit and holding oak-aged brandy in a crystal glass, appeared to him in a dream and spake... Continue Reading →

The WSOP: Living The Dream?

"The initial uptake on the World Series Of Poker was very slow by modern poker standards, if a poker series took that long to garner interest today, it would unlikely see a third or fourth year. The WSOP brand was competing against nothing, for a very long time and it still couldn’t get its arse in gear, because there just weren’t enough $10k tournament players. The ‘tournament’ organisers were selling to a market that didn’t exist."

A-Game? A For Amateur.

"Whether my game is sneaking in the back-door via a pennyroll or just being so rich that my last hobby was buying yachts and blowing them up, if I grind up or buyin in big enough, I’ll get to play the best in the world."

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