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I am the faceless poker geek. I am interested only in poker.

World Series Of Poker Main Event 1998

A nostalgic look at the 1998 WSOP Main Event. Some great footage of The Devilfish looking 90s style dapper (RIP) and a focus on European players in general. It's not going to teach you much about poker, but it's a well... Continue Reading →

Daniel James Interview

This guy is the epitome of the new generation player. I find him very calming and inspiring, and if you can wade through the nervous "erms", then he actually has some interesting things to say. If you find interview videos... Continue Reading →

Online Poker Cheating Documentary

A documentary about the Ultimate Bet/Absolute "super-user" scandal. Scary stuff for online players, and very hard to defend against to exclusive live players who like to say the online game is "fixed" because they can't keep up. It won't stop... Continue Reading →

The Online Phenomenon – Poker Documentary

This is a 30 minute documentary about online poker. Interesting viewing for anyone considering playing professionally, and has personal interviews with four young pro-players. There is a brilliant section of the video where the professional players' thoughts on how to play a hand... Continue Reading →

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