A documentary about the Ultimate Bet/Absolute “super-user” scandal.

Scary stuff for online players, and very hard to defend against to exclusive live players who like to say the online game is “fixed” because they can’t keep up.

It won’t stop me playing online poker, but what he says at the end will stay with me… “It could be going on now…”, and he’s not wrong.

Apologies for two part video with awful break-point, but the content overshadows the production values.

Geeky Considerations:

What are your thoughts on the UIGEA legislation that was passed in 2006 to “regulate US online gambling”? It’s what stopped all the Yankee Donkeys spinning out their cash to me, and my bankroll is still crying about it.
This has always been controversial legislation, and the way it was passed could be considered “unconstitutional”, or as we say in England, “illegal” or “cheating”.
Do you think the UIGEA is an elaborate cheat on poker players worldwide? I know I do.

Click here to go to the Wiki page about the UIGEA if you want to know more about it.

Quote of the video: “You can do it from your living room. You don’t have to get dressed.”- Todd Woodtullis, pro-player.