This guy is the epitome of the new generation player. I find him very calming and inspiring, and if you can wade through the nervous “erms”, then he actually has some interesting things to say.

If you find interview videos a little bit slow, then why not play the Daniel James drinking game and take a shot every time he mentions a UK casino you’ve been in? The last 10 mins of this video might be rubbish, I was drunk by then.

Geeky Considerations:

Do you believe that the online game really is ten times harder than the live game? What are the reasons for this?
I think it’s partly because online players play so many more hands than live players and partly that the online community is far more strategy/game theory focussed than live players. Your thoughts?

Quote of the Video- “If poker is all you have in your life, then every losing session will be a crisis.” – Daniel James, pro-player.