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Global Poker League: Game On And Up

You may or may not have heard about the GPL (Global Poker League), which starts officially on 5th April. It’s a league of poker teams from around the world, teams made up from some of the biggest names in poker.... Continue Reading →

My Fantasy Micro-Festival: Living The Cheap Dream

If you don’t understand a market, you cannot sell to them, and if the poker industry cannot sell to micro/new/recreational players, then the long term future of UK poker is as bleak as a funeral on a Scottish beach.

Poker Culture: A Spiral Of Silence?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog slagging off DTD. I went there, and felt like they didn't have a product designed for me, like I didn't really belong there as a micro-stakes player, and I had a... Continue Reading →

GOLIATH: The Genius Giant

A few years ago, one of the top boys at Grosvenor Casinos had a vision. The Angel Of Gambling, dressed in an Armani suit and holding oak-aged brandy in a crystal glass, appeared to him in a dream and spake... Continue Reading →

To Pit Or Not To Pit: That Is The Gamble

"Nor is this me sabotaging my casino career by blowing the whistle on a giant industry secret. This information is, and has been for many years, available to me in a leaflet in the foyer. The casino industry is required, by law, to exactly inform their clients how they make their profit on their main product. Do you get the same from other leisure industries? Or the Financial Services?"

I Am The Law: Poker Judgement Dread

"I know that clever players angle-shoot, it’s part of the game, and it’s part of a TD’s job to make sure that players are not angle shooting to the extent that the integrity of the game is compromised."

Grass Roots Growth: Get Yer Granny Into Gaming

"People are spending the currency of time playing free apps, and never making the jump to being real cash depositors. Why not?"

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