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Basic Understanding Of ICM: I See Monies

"Understanding ICM is advanced strategy, and I don't want to make beginner players sweat about yet another load of mathematical bullshit that makes poker boring; but sometimes a principle is important, and you only need the principle here."

Simple Poker Maths: Andy Bloch

This guy is very clever, he has a long list of qualifications and achievements in poker, and life in general. My favourite fact about him is that he was part of the MIT BlackJack team that was featured in book... Continue Reading →

Found A Leak? Read A Book.

"When I read/study poker in the newly available time originally allotted to poker anyway, I find that the next day, I sit down to a new session with a bit more hope. I feel like I have something else to expect from this game, because I feel like I have something new to bring."

Time For A 1c Thought? Costly.

"In today’s economic climate, how could I possibly turn my nose up at even the tiniest bit of money?"

It’s Not Me, It’s You; I’m A Genius

"There was a major psychological switch-point for me, a revelation that changed everything to do with how I thought about and played, poker. It might have been a long time coming, but just like everything in life, we all need to get there in our own, sweet time."

Maths And Me, A Love/Hate Story.

"One day, I came across a long article on advanced EV calculations for a very specific type of spot. I understood none of it, none at all. I forced myself to read it to the end, because it was like evidence of aliens to me. I claimed to be a poker player, I claimed to love poker, and yet there was obviously a whole culture within my poker world that I knew nothing of. My confused eyes were popping out of my head."

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