This guy is very clever, he has a long list of qualifications and achievements in poker, and life in general. My favourite fact about him is that he was part of the MIT BlackJack team that was featured in book ‘Bringing Down The House’ which was adapted into the film ’21’; both of which are well worth reading/watching.

He really knows and understands what he’s talking about, but he delivers it in a very accessible way without being at all patronising.

This video will help you to begin to understand or consolidate your already basic understanding of the meaning of EV, and how this relates to Range Reading, Pot Odds, and Implied Odds.
If you hear these words all the time and don’t know what they mean, then this video is for you.

If you find yourself very frustrated because you sometimes have your premium hands beaten by pre-flop crap, but you’re not winning with anything other than premium hands, then you might be missing out on some “value”, and this video will help you begin to understand why.

Monkey Thinking:
Notice how every mathematical decision Bloch makes is tied in with ‘people skills’, or the softer-skills of poker? Poker maths is not like geometry at school, it’s live and exciting. If maths teachers trained GSCE students how to understand statistics by playing poker, then I think more teenagers would pass an exam.
People who find maths easy can be very intimidating. Fuck them. Some of these people have the social skills of a deckchair. Don’t be intimidated by maths, wade in there.

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