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Poker Faceless

Interesting Poker Hands: No.4

Game: PokerStars Pros Big Game Players: Vanessa Rousso, Tony G. Why is it interesting?: Preflop: Tony G opens for 3x from the small blind, and his opening and calling range is wide, so it's hard to understand why Rousso just flats. She's... Continue Reading →

Phil Ivey: Cheat Or Genius?

Let's count the ways casino operators hate Phil Ivey... no, can't do it, there's just too many of them! Embedded in 60minutes of waffle about meathead American Foozball players, there's an extended biographical interview with Ivey where he is very... Continue Reading →

Interesting Poker Hands: No. 3

"Whatever your own cards are, you should always be more interested in what your opponent's cards are."

Jeff Sarwer Interview

17 min interview with chess genius and poker player, Jeff Sarwer. If you are looking to take your online game to the next level, this video has some suggestions to help you. What do you think about his suggestion that... Continue Reading →

Interesting Poker Hands: No.2

Game: Party Poker Premier League Season 7 Players: Jason Koon, Phil Laak, Daniel Coleman, Daniel "Jungleman" Cates Why is it interesting?: Preflop: I'm not a massive fan of an early position opening raise with 1010 in tournament play; maybe that's just me being... Continue Reading →

Great Play: Tom Dwan

Yesterday, I posted a hand in which Tom Dwan won a huge pot with an epic bluff, and then I lauded the power of pure aggression. See Dwan's epic bluff here. Today, I'm posting a hand where Tom Dwan wins money... Continue Reading →

Tom Dwan’s Epic Bluff

This is a video of a very famous hand of poker. It perfectly shows the power that pure aggression, in the right spots, can have at a poker table. Dwan found a spot for aggression in this game, because he... Continue Reading →

Interesting Poker Hands: No.1

Game: WSOP ME 2013 Players: JC Tran, Matt Reed, Carlos Mortensen Why Is It Interesting?: Preflop: The commentator says "the min-raise brought JC in with the weak, suited Ace". I don't think this is true, I think Mortensen's call of the... Continue Reading →

A Kid’s Game Poker Documentary

This is an interesting take on online poker from a collection on new generation players. Interesting, detailed individual accounts with a focus on the personal skills required to be a winning player. If you're proper old-skool, and you are enraged by... Continue Reading →

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