This is an interesting take on online poker from a collection on new generation players. Interesting, detailed individual accounts with a focus on the personal skills required to be a winning player.

If you’re proper old-skool, and you are enraged by “junior pokerstars” or “these damn kids”, then don’t watch this vid, it will make you angry.
There’s a 22yr old commenting how HE hates “the new generation”…

Geeky Considerations:

I found the section on different National poker styles very interesting. Can it really be true that your Nationality is an informative tell at a table?

Will poker always be a kid’s game?

Do you still believe that it’s possible to become a professional player, or is “the golden age” well and truly over?

“If someone is thinking at a higher level than you, you will never beat them, so intelligence is the most important factor [to success]” – GooD2CU- online pro-player