Gamble, gamble, gamble.


Women In Poker

The Opinionated Boob: A Dealer’s Shame

I'm the world's best NLHE dealer. I'm fast, I'm accurate, I control the table, I'm strict, I know the rules and I can get the players chatting to eachother. In addition to all those honed technical and social skills, I have... Continue Reading →

Stop And Think Or Pay And Go?

I played a hand this weekend and lost all my chips, I'm going to relay the hand to you now, and maybe you can tell me if I could have escaped from it. Please bear in mind I only consider... Continue Reading →

Where There’s A Will There’s A One Outer

"I prefer science to hocus-pocus, as a general rule, and there is no scientific grounding for the idea that people can cause specific events by the power of will."

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