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PokerStars Changes: Recs v Regs?

"Players at all levels have given PokerStars this power, so none of us can cry when they use it, we should have thought about it earlier- all of us. Captain Hindsight is a total arsehole."

My Fantasy Micro-Festival: Living The Cheap Dream

If you don’t understand a market, you cannot sell to them, and if the poker industry cannot sell to micro/new/recreational players, then the long term future of UK poker is as bleak as a funeral on a Scottish beach.

HUDs: Best Buds or Dead Duds?

"A little bit more information is always better than a little bit less information."

Stack Building In MTTs

20 mins from Evan at on mid/late stage stack building in MTTs. It's beginner strategy, but I think this is relevant to a lot of experienced players, especially cash players who don't play many tourneys, or smaller field players who occasionally... Continue Reading →

What Were You Thinking? Seriously. What?

"I know there’s been a lot of ranting about tanking recently, and everyone’s all about the shot-clock. I’m very much on that band wagon, because live poker is slow, too damn slow, and in danger of being really boring, not just to recreational players, but to half-competent online grinders playing even low numbers of multiple tables."

Found A Leak? Read A Book.

"When I read/study poker in the newly available time originally allotted to poker anyway, I find that the next day, I sit down to a new session with a bit more hope. I feel like I have something else to expect from this game, because I feel like I have something new to bring."

Time For A 1c Thought? Costly.

"In today’s economic climate, how could I possibly turn my nose up at even the tiniest bit of money?"

Chip And A Chair? Wrong Chair.

"They want to give the impression that they had the transgression in hand, when the time for that had passed, they had the opportunity to "have it in hand" at the registration desk, and they didn’t. Now, they’ve made themselves backers to a low-stakes guy playing in a high-roller event on a 99.5%/0.5% split in their favour."

The WSOP: Living The Dream?

"The initial uptake on the World Series Of Poker was very slow by modern poker standards, if a poker series took that long to garner interest today, it would unlikely see a third or fourth year. The WSOP brand was competing against nothing, for a very long time and it still couldn’t get its arse in gear, because there just weren’t enough $10k tournament players. The ‘tournament’ organisers were selling to a market that didn’t exist."

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