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The Opinionated Boob: A Dealer’s Shame

I'm the world's best NLHE dealer. I'm fast, I'm accurate, I control the table, I'm strict, I know the rules and I can get the players¬†chatting to eachother. In addition to all those honed technical and social skills, I have... Continue Reading →

Great Play: Tom Dwan

Yesterday, I posted a hand in which Tom Dwan won a huge pot with an epic bluff, and then I lauded the power of pure aggression.¬†See Dwan's epic bluff here. Today, I'm posting a hand where Tom Dwan wins money... Continue Reading →

Poker Tells: Hollywood V Likleyhood

"Somehow, in a day and age of poker where the largest majority of serious players are using a computer to play against faceless opponents, people who have never been dealt a hand are aware of one of the most complicated soft-skills of poker. How has this happened?"

Poker Tells (Online)

Online players have much less information at their disposal, but there are still clues to be found, as this Paddy Power tutorial video shows you. Monkey Thinking: One way to attempt to bring an understanding of tells into your online... Continue Reading →

Mike Caro’s Top Ten Poker Tells (Live)

Mike Caro is a man worth listening to. Nicknamed "The Mad Genius" he's written a butt-load of stuff about poker, including statistical contributions to the biggest poker texts in the world. This video will be very useful to beginners and... Continue Reading →

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