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range assignment

Advanced Poker Terms In Micros Friendly Language

I’ve noticed there is some embarrassment associated with not “knowing everything” within micro/low stakes poker, but, due to my massive ego, I have never been ashamed to say “durrr… what?”. I’m really happy to say that people message me all... Continue Reading →

Opening Ranges And Continuing Ranges

22 very useful minutes from James "Splitsuit" Sweeney on understanding an opponent's range and using that information to identify good bluffing/value spots. As usual, he hits the ground running, but if you get a bit lost at the start, stick... Continue Reading →

Ed Miller’s Limit Hold ‘Em: Reading Hands

This guy delivers content in a really relaxed and accessible way. This hour long video is very simple, beginner strategy and approaches the topic of range reading in layman's terms. If you've heard people banging on about 'assigning your opponent... Continue Reading →

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