This guy delivers content in a really relaxed and accessible way. This hour long video is very simple, beginner strategy and approaches the topic of range reading in layman’s terms.
If you’ve heard people banging on about ‘assigning your opponent a range’ and found the whole thing bloody daunting, then this video is a foot in the door.

Don’t be put off by the references to Fixed Limit Hold ‘Em (FLHE) just because you may be more used to playing No Limit Hold ‘Em (NLHE), the principles are very similar.

Monkey Thinking:

I like his two fundamental principles of hand reading, I know it’s a leak in my game to expect players to do what I would do. I don’t think he really suggests how I might address that leak, any thoughts?

At 13m35s he says he doesn’t think players raise enough… As a NLHE micro-stakes player, erm… I can’t say I agree! Does anyone playing at my level agree with him? Or do the nice, quiet, weak/passive players exist in high-stakes games only, which is why I think bad players raise all the time?