Gamble, gamble, gamble.



Pieces Of Micro-Pie

I stumbled across a conversation on Twitter this week about a player selling action in a large comp. From what I could understand, it was a $5k buyin live tournament, and the player in question was a serious and winning... Continue Reading →

My Fantasy Micro-Festival: Living The Cheap Dream

If you don’t understand a market, you cannot sell to them, and if the poker industry cannot sell to micro/new/recreational players, then the long term future of UK poker is as bleak as a funeral on a Scottish beach.

Poker Culture: A Spiral Of Silence?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog slagging off DTD. I went there, and felt like they didn't have a product designed for me, like I didn't really belong there as a micro-stakes player, and I had a... Continue Reading →

How To Size Your Bets

This is a 45min intermediate strategy video, from James "Splitsuit" Sweeney, about optimizing your bet sizes to improve your win rate. It's very detailed, with precise advice and some excellent visual representations. One of my favourite things about this video... Continue Reading →

Time For A 1c Thought? Costly.

"In today’s economic climate, how could I possibly turn my nose up at even the tiniest bit of money?"

To Pit Or Not To Pit: That Is The Gamble

"Nor is this me sabotaging my casino career by blowing the whistle on a giant industry secret. This information is, and has been for many years, available to me in a leaflet in the foyer. The casino industry is required, by law, to exactly inform their clients how they make their profit on their main product. Do you get the same from other leisure industries? Or the Financial Services?"

Play With Friends? I Won’t Have Any Friends.

"Obviously, the argument was about much more than a shit call with J10. A hand of poker was acting as the spark to a friendship fuse that was,no doubt, due to go off anyway, and the lads sorted it out, as friends do. One still owed the other £200."

It’s Not Me, It’s You; I’m A Genius

"There was a major psychological switch-point for me, a revelation that changed everything to do with how I thought about and played, poker. It might have been a long time coming, but just like everything in life, we all need to get there in our own, sweet time."

Maths And Me, A Love/Hate Story.

"One day, I came across a long article on advanced EV calculations for a very specific type of spot. I understood none of it, none at all. I forced myself to read it to the end, because it was like evidence of aliens to me. I claimed to be a poker player, I claimed to love poker, and yet there was obviously a whole culture within my poker world that I knew nothing of. My confused eyes were popping out of my head."

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