This is a 45min intermediate strategy video, from James “Splitsuit” Sweeney, about optimizing your bet sizes to improve your win rate. It’s very detailed, with precise advice and some excellent visual representations.

One of my favourite things about this video is that he is discussing stakes and games that I play in, as opposed to nose-bleed games. In the past, I’ve found it easy to be think more advanced strategy wasn’t relevant to me because the author doesn’t seem to understand micro-stakes maniacs- This guy knows, and his intermediate strategy lesson includes dealing with them.

This is an 8min video of him putting his thinking into action in a real hand from another player.

Monkey Thinking:

Why? Why? Why? Always know WHY you’re betting!
I still don’t, sometimes, I’m just betting. Cos I’m playing poker, and I’ve got some chips and I’m just betting and shit. Wheeee!
Stupid, embarrassing, and I need to stop it entirely, and so do you.

What do we think about min-raise opening pots? I really hate it, but I don’t know why…
Maybe it’s more powerful in cash poker, but as a predominantly micro-stakes tournament player, in the later stages of a tournament, I see a min-open as a massive invitation to 3-bet very light, with a very high % success.