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Advanced Poker Terms In Micros Friendly Language

I’ve noticed there is some embarrassment associated with not “knowing everything” within micro/low stakes poker, but, due to my massive ego, I have never been ashamed to say “durrr… what?”. I’m really happy to say that people message me all... Continue Reading →

Preflop Concepts: Ed Miller

Ed Miller, with his spectacular, background-blending hair is back with some interesting pre-flop concept insights. He lists this as "advanced", but I disagree. While the pace of the video is fairly fast, the content is definitely relevant to beginner/intermediate players.... Continue Reading →

Basic Understanding Of ICM: I See Monies

"Understanding ICM is advanced strategy, and I don't want to make beginner players sweat about yet another load of mathematical bullshit that makes poker boring; but sometimes a principle is important, and you only need the principle here."

How To Play Sets And Trips

My favourite, James "Splitsuit" Sweeney, with 35mins on playing flopped sets/trips. Don't be put off by the things you don't know. This is a massively valuable learning skill; do not let what you don't know dent your learning ego- NOBODY... Continue Reading →

Playing 99/TT/JJ Preflop and Postflop

A 35min video from James "Splitsuit" Sweeney on various ways to tackle these tricky hands from various spots. It uses real hand examples and discusses various lines and approaches. It is (just about!) beginner level strategy, but you do need... Continue Reading →

How To Size Your Bets

This is a 45min intermediate strategy video, from James "Splitsuit" Sweeney, about optimizing your bet sizes to improve your win rate. It's very detailed, with precise advice and some excellent visual representations. One of my favourite things about this video... Continue Reading →

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