A 35min video from James “Splitsuit” Sweeney on various ways to tackle these tricky hands from various spots.
It uses real hand examples and discusses various lines and approaches.

It is (just about!) beginner level strategy, but you do need to be comfortable with some common terms such as c-bet, 3-bet and value-bet, or you might get a bit baffled.

Monkey Thinking:
I disagree with James on one point. He says that he would call JJ from the button after an opening raise as default, and only 3bet if he had information that the raiser had a very wide preflop 3-bet calling range.
I would suggest, in large field, microstakes tournaments, that 3-betting here as default, and only flatting when you have info that your opponent opens very tight is a better move. The average preflop 3bet calling range is very wide, and with position on the flop I think it’s more likely to make you money in the long-run in this format.