Ed Miller, with his spectacular, background-blending hair is back with some interesting pre-flop concept insights.

He lists this as “advanced”, but I disagree. While the pace of the video is fairly fast, the content is definitely relevant to beginner/intermediate players.
I always find his hand examples at the end of his videos really helpful.

Monkey Thinking:
Please listen carefully to the entire section on playing suited cards. It would be easy to just hear what you want to hear and start getting giddy with any suited cards, when this is definitely not what he is saying.

I think we’ve all heard the old adage “it’s better to raise than call preflop” and in this video Miller helped me understand why that is- it isn’t why I thought!

I don’t play much short handed poker, mainly because I’m not good at it, I’m more comfortable at full-ring. The section about the equity held in the blinds in short handed poker blew my tiny mind. If you’re playing 6-max and losing, or playing 80% of starting hands, you need to watch the last section of this video.