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Passionate About Poker or Shilling Hobby Maths?

I’m losing my poker mind. You know that guy on the forum who says “Imma move up stakes to where they respect my raises”? I am becoming that guy. Great news. Cos everyone loves that guy. I’m not actually writing... Continue Reading →

Party Time: Off The Clock

I set up some tournaments on my little skin on the MPN network the other day. It had been a long night before that day in the office as I misguidedly went for cocktails with David Lappin and his lady,... Continue Reading →

Advanced Poker Terms In Micros Friendly Language

I’ve noticed there is some embarrassment associated with not “knowing everything” within micro/low stakes poker, but, due to my massive ego, I have never been ashamed to say “durrr… what?”. I’m really happy to say that people message me all... Continue Reading →

Jeff Sarwer Interview

17 min interview with chess genius and poker player, Jeff Sarwer. If you are looking to take your online game to the next level, this video has some suggestions to help you. What do you think about his suggestion that... Continue Reading →

A Kid’s Game Poker Documentary

This is an interesting take on online poker from a collection on new generation players. Interesting, detailed individual accounts with a focus on the personal skills required to be a winning player. If you're proper old-skool, and you are enraged by... Continue Reading →

Online Poker Cheating Documentary

A documentary about the Ultimate Bet/Absolute "super-user" scandal. Scary stuff for online players, and very hard to defend against to exclusive live players who like to say the online game is "fixed" because they can't keep up. It won't stop... Continue Reading →

The Online Phenomenon – Poker Documentary

This is a 30 minute documentary about online poker. Interesting viewing for anyone considering playing professionally, and has personal interviews with four young pro-players. There is a brilliant section of the video where the professional players' thoughts on how to play a hand... Continue Reading →

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