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Opening Ranges And Continuing Ranges

22 very useful minutes from James "Splitsuit" Sweeney on understanding an opponent's range and using that information to identify good bluffing/value spots. As usual, he hits the ground running, but if you get a bit lost at the start, stick... Continue Reading →

Playing 99/TT/JJ Preflop and Postflop

A 35min video from James "Splitsuit" Sweeney on various ways to tackle these tricky hands from various spots. It uses real hand examples and discusses various lines and approaches. It is (just about!) beginner level strategy, but you do need... Continue Reading →

Jeff Sarwer Interview

17 min interview with chess genius and poker player, Jeff Sarwer. If you are looking to take your online game to the next level, this video has some suggestions to help you. What do you think about his suggestion that... Continue Reading →

Stack Building In MTTs

20 mins from Evan at on mid/late stage stack building in MTTs. It's beginner strategy, but I think this is relevant to a lot of experienced players, especially cash players who don't play many tourneys, or smaller field players who occasionally... Continue Reading →

Simple Poker Maths: Andy Bloch

This guy is very clever, he has a long list of qualifications and achievements in poker, and life in general. My favourite fact about him is that he was part of the MIT BlackJack team that was featured in book... Continue Reading →

Ed Miller’s Limit Hold ‘Em: Reading Hands

This guy delivers content in a really relaxed and accessible way. This hour long video is very simple, beginner strategy and approaches the topic of range reading in layman's terms. If you've heard people banging on about 'assigning your opponent... Continue Reading →

How To Win An MTT Poker Tournament

Okay, there is not a nine minute video in the world that can unlock a formula for winning multi-table tournaments, and this chap sounds like he's sparked a reefer before he delivered this content. That said, the short study of... Continue Reading →

Playing Small Pocket Pairs

This is a great beginner level article from about how small pocket pairs can look very sexy, but can actually be massively costly. Give this a read and be honest with yourself, are you doing the things that the author... Continue Reading →

Poker Tells (Online)

Online players have much less information at their disposal, but there are still clues to be found, as this Paddy Power tutorial video shows you. Monkey Thinking: One way to attempt to bring an understanding of tells into your online... Continue Reading →

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