This is a great beginner level article from about how small pocket pairs can look very sexy, but can actually be massively costly.
Give this a read and be honest with yourself, are you doing the things that the author identifies as the traits of “weak players”?

Playing Small Pocket Pairs

Monkey Thinking:

Poker can be a gambling game, or it can be a skill game; that’s your call as the player.
If you like gambling, and enjoy doing that at a poker table, then play every pair you get dealt as if it’s the best hand you’ve ever seen!

If you want to be a winning player, you should be very wary of playing small pocket pairs from early position. There are some very tricky plays that experienced players have at their disposal, but at a beginner level, if you get dealt pocket threes and are first to speak, then you should not feel shame at just throwing them away.